Summer to Fall Transition - Sep 7, 2001

According to local fishing experts, we are currently in the yearly summer to fall transition period. Tommy calls it Yo-Yo fishing because one day will be great and the next won?t. Looks like things are happening pretty much on schedule or maybe a little early regarding bait & fish movement. Chad threw the cast net the other morning for pogey minnows and got a net full of shrimp instead. On the flats you might sight fish 25 to 30 Redfish in a day or not see anything red at all & catch a boatload of Spanish Mackerel on fly. Chad?s typical Bayfishing trip might be 20 Trout, 10-12 Flounder, a couple of Tripletail and 18 to 20 Redfish but once again it may not be consistent for another week or two, but then look out October & November! Offshore the red grouper are biting; Capt. Cletis even caught a couple in the cut recently.

Jon Rembert (pictured with a 9 lb Redfish on fly 8/28/01) and his friend Bryce Hungerford ??found casting to single redfish to be a very humbling feat. Then just as promised, the tide was right and the huge school of reds appeared. We caught a dozen or so in the 6 to 15-1/2 lb range; most on spinning gear. Fortunately for my crazy little squid fly, I landed a few with my fly rod. Thank Chris for sharing this once in forever school of fish with us.?

John Gore and Tommy spent the morning of Sunday Sept. 2nd in deeper water with a school of tarpon surrounding the boat without getting them interested in eating anything. They then went on to have a fun afternoon catching sharks, Spanish, Ladyfish, etc. Then on to Tamara?s Café Floridita (one of a few restaurants open on Sunday in Apalach) for Paella.

Weekend fall fishing trips are beginning to get booked up - so please let me know if you are planning a trip to our coast.

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