August Report - Aug 13, 2001

What Hurricane? Thanks everyone for all the concerned emails. We?re still here & still fishing. Luckily, the worst T.S. Barry did was water my grass, which needed it anyway. Yes, we did have to cancel or reschedule a few trips last Sunday and Monday but nearly everyone was back out on the water by Tuesday. The water in Apalachicola Bay is a bit tannic as we are getting some ?trickle down? from up-river and the river is a bit higher than normal.

Capt. Chad took Lulu, Jeanne, Kathleen & me out on the ?No Lipstick? (Playing hooky from work) Tour on Wednesday. The Bay looked like a big lake - flat & glassy - had me looking for the water skis. Bait was plentiful and Chad had us scurrying around picking pogey-minnows up off the deck & filling up the bait bucket after he cast net them in. (all part of the experience) The speckled trout and the white trout were biting pretty well that morning. LuLu Autrey was reeling them in every cast. After we tore through our bait, Chad took us on a ride past the crab pot buoys searching for Tripletail. Jeanne Bonds hooked up on a 5 pounder and had it in the boat in about 2.5 minutes, making it look WAY too easy. Capt. Nathan radioed to let us know they were in some Jack Crevalle so we rigged up & headed over his way. Managed to cast at a couple of pods but they are fast & spooky. Kathleen caught a huge Ladyfish that danced her way to the boat. A little over 4 hours of fishing (and mimosas) later, had me looking for a nap! On Thursday, Bill Holcombe?s group fished with Capt. Jr. Holland catching 5 Tripletail and 25 Trout.

The calm weather has been very conducive to offshore fishing this week. Capt. Adam Teat headed to deeper water several times and Capt. Chad even had Frank Mercer?s group in his boat out about 12 miles catching 18?- 25? Snapper & Grouper. Mike Misinco?s group spent Sunday with Adam and they had about 20 head apiece.

Flats fishing guides are still zoned into Tarpon, but the redfish are making their way back into the daily vocabulary. Capt. Ward Holman (in his brand new Hells Bay Orvis Edition 16? Waterman) caught 10 Reds last Thursday himself. Tommy called me bright & early this morning from the boat phone - they had already had 4 shots at Tarpon on fly and the sun was barely up. Trey & Will Sims from Gainesville AL aired one out with Capt. Anthony Stone yesterday. If you can get away in the next couple of weeks, Tommy & Chris have some days open so don?t hesitate to call or email.

Fall Flats & Bayfishing is beginning to book up (Sept., Oct., Nov.) so if you have specific dates please think about making your reservations in advance.

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